First of all we welcome all genuine members. But we all know that fake profiles, especially members who pretend to be females but in reality they are not, as well as those who say they own a dog, but in reality they don't have, are a big nuisance for all genuine users. To avoid any fake profiles and to get the most out of our community it's mandatory for any members to verify their user profile just to show they are genuine.

To verify your account is very easy. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Write: "k9-dating + your username + current date" on a piece of paper or something else and then holds it up to the camera.

2. Take a selfie or short video that clearly shows both your gender and the sign you just made. As well it has to show your hand which holds the sign.

We don't want a copy of your driver's license or ID card or any other personal data, nor cam check is required, you don't need to show your face or genitalia nor you must be nude on the photo. The ideal image to verify is when you are facing down from the nose and holding the sign in front of you with your hand or by holding the sign in front of your face with your hand to hide it. However, in either case, it must be clear whether from a biological point of view you are a man or a woman.

Those members who are couples have to take a shot or film themselves showing both.

Those members who say they own dogs, have to take a shot or film themselves with their dogs. Photo or video has to show you, your dog and the sign.

3. Send email to: or Please add Subject = "Verify + your username" or include your username in the message and attach your photo or video.

You have sent an image but still not verified?

If you have already sent an image to get your verified status but nothing has happened then please check your image and see if it match any of the option on the list below:

- Image doesn't clearly show your gender ?

- Image has no sign with the verification requirement "k9-dating + your username + current date"

- Image is so tiny or blur it's virtually impossible to see much of anything ?

- Verification requirement was put on the image via photo editing ?

- Profile is registered as a couples profile but only one person is in the image ?

- You say in your profile you own a dog but there is no dog with you in the image ?

If you can answer "yes" to any of the 6 questions above then your verification image didn't follow the rules. It was deleted and your profile was not verified! Please check out the rules, you are welcome to send a new image.

Keep in mind the best way not to waste my time and your time is to clearly show your gender and clearly show the sign you have made and hold it up with your hand. If you try to cheat us sending an image just made by PhotoShop or any similar software/app and not showing your hand which holds the sign your request will be declined and you get banned forever.

We respect your privacy and any photo or video sent to us will be deleted after verification.

Whenever your account is verified as soon as possible your profile will be marked as "Verified" and your membership status will be changed to "Verified Member" to show to all our users you are genuine.