Registration / Membership

Question: Is it really free to join?

Answer: Joining is completely free and does not require any payment details. We offer a great package to all our members, however we do have VIP membership as well, which allows our members to support the site and keep improvements coming. These package is optional and offers amazing features to our users, like unlimited access to all features, access to chatrooms, private chat, mobile chat, video chat and much more. Click here to review the membership comparison table.

Question: Will my details be safe and kept private?

Answer: YES! We follow strict guidelines to help ensure all information you provide are kept safe and private. When joining we only ask for minimal information to ensure you find the right person/people for you. Your email and contact information are never shared with other members or 3rd parties.

However, to keep your privacy safe, in the description of your profile or in comments do not reveal any elements that allow you to clearly identify yourself and do not communicate to others little personal information and sensitive data. In that case you are responsible for the misuse of your personal information.

It is our utmost priority to keep our members safe. This is why we recommend to remain on our website which we have created a safety place for our members

Question: I didn't receive the confirmation email?
Many E-mail providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL have strict spam filters to prevent spam and junk e-mails from been delivered which can cause your email to be sent to your Junk/Spam folder or not delivered at all.

If you don't receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes after joining, try checking through your Spam/Junk folders. If it's not there please add our domain and email address to your contact/safe lists. (

Still no luck? Please try logging in with the username and password that you used when you signed up. As your account hasn't been activated yet you will see a page informing you to activate your account using the link provided in the confirmation email that was sent to your email address. You'll also be provided with a link to resend the email. Before resending be sure you have added us to your contact list to ensure you receive the confirmation email.

Well we have realized that some E-mail providers such as, obviously refuse the confirmation email sent to the recepients. We don't have any solution to solve that issue yet. Avoid to use those email provider, use another email provider instead! In that case we recommend to use, they provide free encrypted email service.

In general make sure is on the whitelist or safelist of your mail provider!

Note: If you join with a disposable email address (Trash-mail) your inquiry will be rejected. We understand that but we do not accept those trashmail-IDs for security reasons. If you ignore our advice and you try to register with such a trashmail-ID your account will not be approved but rejected without any further notification! The deal is very simple: Don't waste your time as well as our time and go to another place where you are welcome to join with those trashmail-address.

We recommend They offer an easy to use encrypted email service for free. It's available for Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS!

Question: Why my account has not been approved or has been rejected?


- You didn't confirm your email-address within 24 hours as mentioned in the email you got upon joining. Your account has been deleted by system.

- You joined with a disposable email address (Trashmail address). That means you are not welcome!

- You joined with an IP address listed in the Abuse Database. That means you are using IP addresses which are well known for abusive/spam activities. For security reasons we don't want those members, who are using such IP's which are commonly used by hackers or criminals or people who pretend to be something they are not in reality. We don't want people like that in our community!

- You didn't put in enough effort to describe yourself. You provided nonsense or bullshit in the "About Me" section, therefore your profile is not of interest for our existing members.

- You have uploaded Fake Photos, you didn't have permission, or violate copyrights in any way, or show minors. In case you upload multiple times those photos that can be found hundreds of times on the Internet and therefore get results with Google search your account will be removed.

- You have ignored our rules, you have posted personal information such as email address, links to websites, messenger ID's, any phone numbers (including Skype, WhatsApp or similar), street address or surnames etc. in your profile sections "About Me" or "Sexual Preferences". To submit your Messenger ID or website we provide you special fields. That means you can submit your website URL or messenger id (only those who are using nicknames) there, but in no case email-address, phone numbers or similar stuff. You are not allowed to put in here messenger id's from WhatsApp, Skype or similar apps that require your phone number or email address. In case you ignore our friendly first notice, your account will be automatically deleted on the second violation.

- You have misused the comment function on profiles, blogs, photos or timeline by posting personal information such as email address, link to websites, phone number or messenger ID. Commenting does not mean posting personal messages. There is the messaging feature to do that.

- You pretend to be a woman, but you are not in reality.

- You have been reported and didn't verify your account within the given time just to show our members you are genuine.

- You do not have the minimum age of 18 yrs. to join our community.

- You didn't keep your email-address up to date. Profiles with invalid email-addresses will be deactivated.

Question: How many accounts can I have?

Answer: We limit accounts to 1 account per person. We reserve the right to remove multiple accounts and ban you from opening any other account. If you forget your password simply use the "Lost Password" link. In case it will not work for you send mail to admin (at) k9-dating (dot) com. You may open a new account if you close your old account via your settings page.

Question: How to verify my account?

Answer: First of all we welcome all genuine members. But we all know that fake profiles, especially profiles which pretend to be females but in reality they are not, as well as those who say they own a dog, but in reality they don't have, are a big nuisance for all genuine users. To avoid any fake profiles and to get the most out of our community it's mandatory to verify any user profile for members just to show they are genuine.

To verify your account in fact is very easy. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Write: "k9-dating + your username + current date" on a piece of paper or something else and then holds it up to the camera.

2. Take a selfie or short video that clearly shows both your gender and the sign you just made. As well it has to show your hand which holds the sign.

We don't want a copy of your driver's license or ID card or any other personal data, nor cam check is required, you don't need to show your face or genitalia nor you must be nude on the photo. The ideal image to verify is when you are facing down from the nose and holding the sign in front of you with your hand or by holding the sign in front of your face with your hand to hide it. However, in either case, it must be clear whether you are a man or a woman.

Those members who are couples have to take a shot or film themselves showing both.

Those members who say they own dogs, have to take a shot or film themselves with their dogs. Photo or video has to show you, your dog and the sign.

3. Send email to: or Please add Subject = "Verify + your username" or include your username in the message and attach your photo or video.

You have sent an image but still not verified?

If you have already sent an image to get your verified status but nothing has happened then please check your photo you've sent and see if it match any of the option on the list below:

- Image doesn't clearly show your gender ?

- Image has no sign with the verification requirement "k9-dating + your username + current date" ?

- Image is so tiny or blur it's virtually impossible to see much of anything ?

- Verification requirement was put on the image via photo editing ?

- Profile is registered as a couples profile but only one person is in the image ?

- You say in your profile you own a dog but there is no dog with you in the image ?

If you can answer "yes" to any of the 6 questions above then your verification image didn't follow the rules. It was deleted and your profile was not verified! Please check out the rules, you are welcome to send a new image.

Keep in mind the best way not to waste my time and your time is to clearly show your gender and clearly show the sign you have made and hold it up with your hand. If you try to cheat us sending an image just made by PhotoShop or any similar software/app and not showing your hand which holds the sign your request will be declined and you get banned forever.

We respect your privacy and any photo or video sent to us will be deleted after verification.

Whenever your account is verified as soon as possible your profile will be marked as "Verified" and your membership status will be changed to "Verified Member" to show to all our users you are genuine.

In case we demand for verification and you do not verify within 24 hrs your account will be removed.

Alternatively, there is also the possibility to verify your profile via video check!
In case that's an option for you please use the contact form.

Question: What are the rules to follow?

Answer: We all want to communicate with real people. That's why it's mandatory for all members to verify their profile to show others they are genuine. That will not just help us to improve the community safety, but the safety of our members well and to purge any fake profiles as well as those who pretend to be something in reality they are not.

  • Be open minded and respectful to others. Rude behavior or language towards female members will no longer be tolerated anymore, and is subject to a permanent banishment. This also applies to those members who harass female members in any way, for instance in the continuous sending of friend requests. Read the description in the member's profile before sending a message or a friend request.

  • Don't discriminate other users. Those who harass or discriminate others will be banned forever!

  • Do not send out Spam Messages! Those members who keep sending messages with the same text will be banned forever.

  • Do not post profile photos from opposite gender. That means profile pictures showing a portrait photo of a woman posted by male members will be rejected.

  • Do not misuse the comments by posting personal information like email-addresses, website urls, messenger Id's or phone numbers there. Comments can be seen by every member. Keep your privacy safe! If you really want to provide such personal info, then use the message system or private chat instead.

  • Use the special fields provided to enter your website url or messenger ID. For security reasons we do not allow to submit here messenger id's such as WhatsApp or similar apps that require your phone number or email address. You can only submit messengers who are using nicknames. Do not post personal information like street addresses, surnames, email-addresses, website urls, messenger Id's or phone numbers in your profile sections "About Me" or "Sexual preferences". For security reasons we do not allow that anymore.

  • To protect yourself do not reveal any elements that allow you to clearly identify yourself and do not communicate to others any personal information and sensitive data.

  • If you are looking for relationship with benefits or you want to offer any stuff and demand for financial compensation then use the contact form and send request to admin to clarify any question regarding financial interest. In case you offer any stuff and ask for financial compensation without permission from the admin you will be banned.

  • Don't upload any photos showing minors, copyright protected photos or any other pictures not related to your profile or you don't have the permission to publish. If you upload profile photo showing face then it must be your face! In case you are trying to upload any stuff showing minors you will be banned forever without any further warning.

  • Keep your email-address up to date. In the settings of your profile you are able to change your email-address. Profiles with invalid email addresses will be deactivated.

  • In case you are breaking these simple rules we reserve the right to close your account no matter what your membership status is.

Question: Why my account has been suspended or banned?

Answer: In general because you violated one of the essential 7 rules:.

  • 1. You have been reported because you've sent spam messages over and over with similar content.

  • 2. You have been reported because you abused another member especially female members who disagree with you emotionally.

  • 3. You posted fake photos that are hundreds of times available on the Internet and can be found via Google search, potentially violating copyrights.

  • 4. You have been reported because you harassed female members in any way.

  • 5. You have been reported because you have stolen another members photo(s) and posted it on your profile.

  • 6. You have posted personal information such as email addresses, links to websites, messenger ID's, phone numbers or similar in the "About Me" or "Sexual Preferences" section of your profile and have not used the appropriate fields in your profile. As well if you are posting comments with such information.

  • 7. You pretend to be a woman, but you are not in reality or you have been reported because you tried to scam other members of our community. That means you asked for money for whatever reason.

  • 8. Your email-address doesn't exist anymore and you didn't provide a valid email-address.

Question: I wish to cancel my account?

Answer: In the event you wish to cancel your account you can simply do this by clicking on "Settings" on your Profile page, and then clicking on "Cancel Account".

Question: What to do when your profile has been reported?

Answer: Once your profile has been reported by another member for whatever reason, your account will be deactivated and you will be notified about. To reactivate it you have to verify your account as mentioned above (under "How to verify my account?"). I'm not gonna be able to find out whether it is substantiated or not. Mostly reporting is about fake profiles or someone pretend to be female but in reality isn't. That's why am asking to verify your account in order to dispel any doubt. Otherwise your account will be cancelled if you do not verify your account within 3 days.


Question: How to edit / update my profile information?

Answer: Click on the "My Profile" link. You will then see edit link for editing different sections of your profile. Simply correct or edit your information and click the save button.To upload, change or delete your profile photo please click the camera icon.

On the edit page you will find the link "Who I'm looking for". Here you can submit your personal preferences about the members or groups you are looking for.

Using the "My Settings" link at your profile page you are able to change your account settings.

Please have in mind that new profiles as well as any changes to existing profiles require manual approval from an administrator before being displayed on the site. That means until approval there are some restrictions with your account.

We have chosen that option to keep our community as clean as possible. That will help to minimize the risk someone may create fake profile or upload content which may cause any legal trouble.

Question: Can i change my username?

Answer: Only donating members can do it whenever they want.

Question: Which photos are allowed to upload?

Answer: In general profile photos must correspond to the gender of the member concerned. To avoid any irritations and misunderstandings this means that male users cannot upload profile photos that show the face of a woman and vice versa.

Do not upload Fake Photos, you didn't have permission, or violate copyrights in any way, or show minors. In case you upload those photos that can be found hundreds of times on the Internet and therefore get results with Google search your account will be deactivated.

Question: Can i hide my profile?

Answer: Donating members are able to hide their profile by clicking on "Online Now" in their profile page. In the same way they can also make their profile visible again.

Question: How do i manage my friends, favorites or blocked users?

Answer: Simply visit your "My Connections" page where you will find these lists. Simply click on the user you want to manage and unfriend, unfavorite or unblock them using the menu on the users profile.

Question: How to increase exposure of my profile?

Answer: Add Photos - It's well known that profiles with photos gain more views than a profile with no photos. As well you are able to upload private photos only visible to your friends.

Write Blogs - Let people into your life and mind by sharing stories, diaries and more. The more they know you the more chances of meeting someone with the same interests as you.

Don't Be Shy - While it can be scary to make the first move and send the first message but chances are the other person feels the exact same. They are here for the same reason as you and thats to make friends and get to know other people.

Be Active - See a Blog, Profile or Photo you like? Add your comment on it and share your thoughts.

Keep It Fresh - Posting new photos and blogs helps keep you in our top search results!


Question: How do i report someone?

Answer: If you're having issues with another member the first thing you should do is "Block" them. Visit their profile and simply click the "Block" link. Additionally you are able to use the "Report" function to report fake profile or if another member violate the rules of our community.

If you're still concerned please contact us via the Contact page and we'll review your complaint and take any action if needed.

Question: Someone is using my photos?

Answer: If a member is using your photos please use the "Report" function or contact us via the contact page so we can deal with it.

Question: I upgraded my account but nothings changed?

Answer: Please note: Upgrading a profile after donating is a manual task. Am always trying to upgrade any account as soon as possible but it's impossible for me being online 24/7, so sometimes it may last few hours until am able to upgrade your membership status.

In general you get an internal message after upgrading your membership. In case it seems for you that your membership status hasn't been changed then please logout and clear your internet browser cache and history. Then log back in and your account should now have all features as promised.

If this doesn't work please allow up to 15 minutes before contacting us in case there is delay.

Question: I have concerns about a member?

Answer: If you are concerned or are suspicious about a member please share your concerns with our team via the contact page or simply use the "Report" function. We strive to offer a safe and welcoming community at all times.

We reserve the right to ask for personal verification for every suspicious member account in case we should suspect that it could be a fake account. Otherwise we will remove those accounts.

More questions? Please Contact Us or send your question to admin (at) k9-dating (dot) com